You are never alone with a mobile phone or when you are near somebody using one.  

Bear endpaper low res I’m working on my 1st book for Frances Lincoln books. It is a woodland story about a group of animals

i have been to Berlin many times.

It’s a city I like very much, so much culture and history, great architecture and art.

I was in Berlin just 2 days before the Wall came down. I went into East Berlin on the day of the big final demonstration.

The air was electric. Russian soldiers on alert all over the centre of East Berlin.

It was so good to see the Wall opening up and the Ostis find their freedomBerlin-cover-&-Lettering

My-pic Boy's-picThis is an image making exercise. I was sent a drawing by a 4 year old Korean boy and asked to make my own version of it. I can only imagine what the story of his picture is. I like his picture very much. The strong yellow sky and boldness in his drawing. I love colour and use it myself as strongly as I can.



Look – I’ve been playing with a sensu brush!

I can’t believe it – but that amazing man, Andrew Kingham has finally built me a website, three¬†years after I first begged him.